• I'm interested in the underlying mechanisms of on-line sentence processing, and how children learn adult-like sentence processing. 
  • I combine cognitive modeling (computational simulations of cognitive processes) with experimental studies to test the predictons of these models. 
  • I'm interested in how to analyze time course data. 

Current project(s)

NWO Veni

Learning language from expectations

What pronouns such as “he" or “she" refer to, changes from sentence to sentence. This project applies the learning theory of Rescorla and Wagner to the acquisition of pronouns. The central idea behind this theory is that children learn from incorrect predictions. The project will combine experiments, corpus research and computational modelling.

Data Science project (RIS / Digital Humanities)

Automatic Processing of Eye Tracking Movies

PhD students

  • Dorothée HoppeProject: How do we learn the moon is female after all? The role of sequential and distributional properties in linguistic category learningCo-supervisers: Dr. Michael Ramscar (University of Tübingen, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Petra Hendriks (University of Groningen).

Online experiments:

  • Poster Simone Sprenger & Jacolien van Rij on The Development of Idiom Knowledge Across the Life Span.
  • Oral presentation by Jacolien van Rij, Jessie S. Nixon, and Tomas O. Lentz: Modelling of Mismatch Negativity Response and Non-native Statistical Learning.