I'm interested in the processing of (seemingly) ambiguous sentences. These are sentences that potentially have multiple potential interpretations, such as sentences with pronouns or idioms. For interpreting these sentences correctly, the listeners need to combine different sources of information in a relative short time (for example, world knowledge, visual context, and preceding linguistic information).

My research focuses on 1) how listeners combine different sources of information during sentence processing, and 2) how regularities in the linguistic input may facilitate this process. I combine computational simulations (error-driven learning), experimental studies, and advanced statistical methods to answer my research questions.

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Tomas O. Lentz, Jessie S. Nixon, and Jacolien van Rij: Signal response modelling uncovers electrophysiological correlates of trial-by-trial error-driven learning. Under review.

recent publications:

Abigail G. Toth, Petra Hendriks, Niels A. Taatgen, & Jacolien van Rij (2022): A cognitive modeling approach to learning and using reference biases in language. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 5:933504. link

Dorothée Hoppe, Petra Hendriks, Michael Ramscar, & Jacolien van Rij (2022): An exploration of error-driven learning in simple two-layer networks from a discriminative learning perspective. Behavioral Research Methods. link

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