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Below you can find some tutorials on various topics related to doing statistics in R. At the end of this page, the newest versions of my (co-)authored R packages are listed. 


R packages

itsadug: Interpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Uaccent GAMMs

We've combined several functions that facilitate the statistical analysis with GAMMs in the package itsadug, which is available on CRAN. The package includes functions for model comparisons, visualization of nonlinear interactions, and inspection of the residuals.

Version 2.3 of itsadug is available on CRAN. If you are interested to try the package, you can use the package installer in R, or run the following code in R to install the package:



Jacolien van Rij, Martijn Wieling, R. Harald Baayen, & Hedderik van Rijn (2017). itsadug: Interpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs. R package version 2.3.

VWPre: Tools for Preprocessing Visual World Data

Implemented by Vince Porretta and Aki-Juhani Kyröläinen for preprocessing of gaze data from the Visual World Paradigm.


more information:

Vince Porretta, Aki-Juhani Kyröläinen, Jacolien van Rij, Juhani Järvikivi (2018): Visual world paradigm data: From preprocessing to nonlinear time-course analysis. In Czarnowski I, Howlett R, Jain L (eds.), Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017, number 73, 268-277. link.


The package plotfunctions implements various functions that facilitate visualization of data and analysis results. The functions in the package are relatively simple and are intended to facilitate incremental building of graphs using the standard R plot functions (e.g., plot, lines, points) An overview of most functions can be found in the vignette (or see vignette("plotfunctions") ).



  • van Rij, Hendriks, van Rijn, Baayen, and Wood (2019): Analyzing the time course of pupillometric data. link
  • Feldman, Dale, and van Rij (2019): Lexical and frequency effects on keystroke timing: Challenges to a lexical search account from a type-to-copy task. link